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The risk of developing foot ulcer in patients with diabetes ( type 1 / 2 ) can be as high as 25 percent. Amputation of part of foot is quite common outcome especially in third world countries. As naturally decision of amputation is often difficult for the patients to take, so mostly such patients have prolonged hospital stays and long follow-up in clinics resulting in high morbidity, mortality rate and expenses. Therefore it is very important to prevent developing diabetic foot in the first instance and if it has started developing then one should immediately consider starting prompt and appropriate treatment.   

We at POACC has developed expertise to deal with such difficult cases of diabetic wound care through a team work by employing minimal surgical approaches, mechanical offloading, managing infection and  specialized  dressing with pus suction apparatuses.  

 Risk factors for diabetic feet:  

  • loss of protective sensation due to neuropathy,  
  • prior ulcers or amputations,  
  • foot deformity leading to excess pressure,  
  • external trauma,  
  • infection,  
  • chronic ischemia, typically due to peripheral artery disease  
  • mechanical and cytogenic compromising factors  
  • peripheral artery disease 

 If you would like your symptoms diagnosed or evaluated, or would like to explore our treatment options, contact clinical  coordinator at POACC. 



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Giving shape to your unshaped regions of body by suction of fat under the skin.

If you would like to explore further this over service of liposuction, contact our  clinical  coordinator at POACC.

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Polio is an infectious disease caused by a Poliovirus. It results in crippling deformities of the lower limbs, causing an inability and difficulty to walk.
Individuals with Polio disabilities require reconstructive surgeries not only on for the bones but also the affected muscles to reduce the disability and deformity resulting in a straight leg allowing the individual to walk with or without caliper.
Most of the cases having Polio disabilities have the following some of the problems hampering with their mobility:
  • Walking disorder( Hand to knee gait)
  • Deformity in the foot
  • Hanging foot
  • Shortening of leg
  • Very weak and short leg
  • Hip instability
Treatment Options
At Pakistan Orthopaedic & Cosmetology Center ( ); various treatment options including different special surgeries are performed to provide:
  • Mobility
  • Improve the quality of life
  • Improve limb, body shape and function
Some of the special procedures and treatments performed at POACC for individuals suffering from Post Polio Paralysis and Disabilities include:
  • Deformity correction
  • Joint stability
  • Fusion of joints
  • Angle correction
  • Limb lengthening surgery

If you would like your symptoms diagnosed or evaluated, or would like to explore our treatment options , contact our  clinical  coordinator at POACC.

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Minimising CP disabilities To Maximum
Besides the children with Cerebral Palsy disabilities; grown up young adults completely disabled because of CP who have been treated elsewhere half-heartedly and leaving a lot of potential for further improving upon disabilities have been fully treated both surgically and medically by POACC team of experts. Their disabilities have been minimized to the maximum and getting them independent life style.
We do arrange meetings of such patients and their parents with our prospective patients who are booked and getting ready to enter our comprehensive treatment circle of Cerebral palsy management. Such gatherings of patients and their parents and relatives boost their moral and motivate them towards better compliance for the rehab process to give them independent life style.
If you would like your symptoms diagnosed or evaluated, or would like to explore our treatment options , contact our  clinical  coordinator at POACC.
Visit for further details: Cplink
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Grow Taller by Height Increase Surgery

If you are wishing to become taller, you are in the right place. We will make your dreams of becoming taller come true.

Limb Lengthening at Hillsclinic ( ) is safe and effective solution for short stature, dwarfism or other orthopedic or cosmetic reasons. We can increase your height by 5 to 12 cm (in stages). If you are an adult, only surgical limb lengthening can assure your height increase
You receive revolutionary height increase by leg lengthening medical services with affordable and lowest fees and outstanding quality care at Hillsclinic.
We are the pioneers for cosmetic limb lengthening and Height Increase by Limb Lengthening surgery in Pakistan. Specialized patient care protocols are followed using state of the art equipment.

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"Meeting the challenges of an ever-changing healthcare environment."- "Dr. Khaqan Jahangir Janjua "

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