Hemifacial or half the face spasm (HFS) is a focal movement disorder. It is a:



tonic or clonic contractions or spasms in face muscles innervated by facial nerve.

It can cause:

significant distress to patients,

a sense of facial disfigurement and

social isolation.

It can also be responsible :

involuntary eye closure and

may impair vision and reading.

Drinking, eating and speech may be affected If it affects mouth or lip muscles.

During evaluation of the patient, this condition (HFS) should be differentiated from:

orofacial dystonia,

facial myoclonus,

tics and

Hemi-masticatory spasms.

At DR BOTOX Pakistan, the primary goal of Botox treatment of HFS is to reduce:  

  • involuntary movements and  
  • associated functional limitations and disfigurement caused by HFS.  

We strive to improve the patients’ functioning and quality of life.

Botox is considered the standard care for HFS.

Dr BOTOX treats HFS by injecting the affected muscles using very thin hypodermic needles thus achieving excellent clinical results.

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