POACC runs every Friday a free orthopedic clinic. The Clinic has been functioning for last 14 years. Every Friday 50 patients are consulted free of cost by our staff.
Pharmaceutical companies provide physician samples worth more than US$ 500 each week for these patients. Any required outdoor investigations are also provided on discounted rates.

POACC management has successfully launched and running the Fracture Project. This project is run on very low costs / price for the patient. The project is supported and sponsored by different donor agencies. Patient pays US $160/- only for the following services while the same services in public or private sector are more than US $500/- , For the same payment the following services are included

1. Provision of the required implants like DHS/Plates/Nail/AMP/External Fixator.
2. OT charges
3. Anesthesia charges
4. Surgery Fee
5. One day hospital stay, on the day of surgery
6. Hepatitis/HIV Screening
7. Anesthesia and surgery pharmacy items

For patients physically disabled POACC regularly arranges every two months a free Orthopedic camp for physically disabled at different districts within KPK and Punjab.
The camp is sponsored by POACC and Pharmaceutical companies, Data is collected for each patient regarding

-Type of Disability
-Type of management if required
-Future expenses involved for full physical rehabilitation
-Schedule for surgery, Physiotherapy, and any other orthrosis prosthesis required

Non affording patients are selected on predetermined criteria to raise funds for their full or in part physical rehabilitation.