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Cerebral Pasy is a group disorders

Your Loved Ones with CP can also have: Seizure disorder Intellectual disability Delayed growth and development Spinal deformities and osteoarthritis Impaired vision Hearing loss Speech and language disorders Drooling Incontinence Constipation Abnormal

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INDIVIDUALISED MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR CEREBRAL PALSY  Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a condition beyond just spastic muscles and abnormal postures and movements. It’s a lifelong disability of varying severity and complexity. As it is

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Cerebral Palsy–comprehensive approach

What do you think should be the comprehensive approach of management of a patient suffering from cerebral palsy?

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Height Increase Operation Pakistan

Dr Khaqan Jahangir Janjua has started and pioneered height increase surgery in Pakistan. The method used is the well known “Ilizarov” technique. Besides using this technique for bilateral limb lengthening, Dr Janjua

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