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Pakistan Orthopaedic & Cosmetology Center

There are multiple causes and types of deformations in the anterior part of the feet like the transverse foot spreading, in other words, transverse flatfoot, under-riding or overriding of toes, crowding of toes, deformations as a result of poliomyelitis, cerebral palsy, post trauma, rheumatoid arthritis etc.

General surgical operations could only eliminate the consequence of such diseases – just one of the components of deformation of anterior feet part (i.e. toes deformation, “cones”, corns, etc.).
Therefore, the results of such operations, as a rule, used to be often regarded as unsatisfactory.

We offer, innovative surgeries and techniques for correction of deformations in the anterior part of foot and help to eliminate both the consequence and the main causes of the disease.

With our team effort, patients are able to walk right after the operation. Total time of the treatment including medical assessment is two weeks.

We offer you unique possibility to increase your height. We use the Ilizarov technology, which is based on the natural (physiological) ability of bones to grow. This growth is stimulated by the operation and supported by the Ilizarov devices. This is the most perfect and the safest legs and arms lengthening method.
There are three periods of the limb lengthening procedure:
I. The first is the operation, during which the osteotomy and the reliable fixation with special orthopedic apparatus are performed.
II. The second is the stretching period. Ilizarov technology allows making 1 mm stretching a day.
III. The third is the consolidation period. It is continued maximum as the double lengthening time. At the end of the consolidation period the device is removed from patients’ legs.

At POACC & HILLSCLINIC the individual proportions of the patient are taken into account to determine optimum length for height correction.
The procedures are performed separately, consecutively for both legs.
The maximum and safe increasing is 7-9 cm.
All our patients at POACC and HILLSCLINIC are active during the treatment, and the day after operation all of them find it easy to move. The function of legs is saved because patients can do movements during and post lengthening period.
To perform the procedure patients must stay all treatment time at the clinic.

Briefly the height increasing procedure is as follows:
A surgery of a shin is done under the general/spinal/epidural anesthesia, where during the process an apparatus of external fixation is applied.
Average time for such surgical intervention is about 40-50 minutes. The patient is ambulant on the following day but usually uses the crutches.
On the fifth day after the surgery elongation is started by means of dosage adjustment of nuts in the fixation apparatus.
Mean extension rate is 1 mm per 24 hours.

In the process of elongation a new bone tissue called “regenerate” is formed.
Removal of the apparatus from the operated extremity can be done after a certain period, which is required for thickening & maturation of the bone regenerate.
Height increase up to 6-7cm takes 8-10months on average. During the treatment the patients are active; they can walk independently with crutches or even without them.
The maximum possible limb lengthening in tibia / femur is 7-13cm. The age of patients can be from 16 to 60 years.

POACC being the only facility in PAKISTAN for HEIGHT INCREASE and CORRECTION OF LIMB LENGTH DISCREPANCY; deals with local and international clients through:
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