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Congenital Hand Deformities 

Congenital Hand Deformities 

Infants born with abnormalities of the hand are a source of great distress to the parents.  These congenital hand deformities are rare, usually diagnosed at birth, and are sometimes associated with other systemic abnormalities that may require evaluation.  These conditions can include syndactyly (webbing of the fingers), radial club hand, absence of the thumb or bifid thumb, polydactyly (extra digits), and sometimes congenital amputations. 

Some conditions can be relatively mild and require no treatment.  Other conditions should have treatment early.  The patterns of hand use are often learned by age 2 years.  At POACC, we recommend that surgery before 2 years of age is should be performed in order to maximize the development of hand potential. 

Pakistan orthopaedic Cosmetology Centre, has hand surgeons who specialize in congenital hand deformities.  They have years of experience in dealing with these rare and unique cases.    

If you would like your symptoms diagnosed or evaluated, or would like to explore our treatment options , contact our clinical coordinator at POACC.