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Pakistan Orthopaedic & Cosmetology Center

At POACC correction of bowed legs is done with minimal invasive technique with your preferred anesthesia. You only get scars like pine holes or very small marks of surgery. 

The bowed legs are usually associated with knee deformities like genu varum, genu valgum, geno recurvatum and in adults’ development of osteoarthritis of different compartments of the knee joints. Bowed legs are quite common in third world countries. 

If the bowed legs are left uncorrected, knee pain and arthritis of the knee joint develop at an earlier age than a person with normal straight legs and knees.  It is because of uneven pressure over the outer and inner parts of knee joint. If it is not corrected early, it leads to progressive deformation and worsening of pain and arthritis. 

Legs deformation and pain are the reasons why a great number of elderly people cannot walk. Such abnormal anatomy of these people is the main cause of knee joint replacement surgery. If the legs shape is corrected at the early age; joint replacement will in most case be not required or delayed to latter years of life.  

The affected person not only suffers life-long pain but gets into low esteem and other mental illnesses because of the shape and ongoing pain of the knees. 

We at POACC get lot of exposure to such patients and all our team members are well informed about the patients’ future needs.  

We offer quick, bloodless surgery for correction of bowed legs at POACC UNDER THE CARE OF TEAM OF EXPERTS. We use Ilizarov technology. Average duration of the operation is 50 minutes. Using the crutches the patient is able to walk on the following day after the operation.  

Legs deformity correction procedure is mostly started on the 7th day after the operation by means of dosage adjustment of nuts in the apparatus of external fixation.  

Depending on the initial extent of deformation, legs shape correction is performed within the period of 7-25 days. Devices are removed from the extremities consecutively with an interval of 2-4days. Correction of legs shape at POACC usually takes 1-5 months 

If both legs are bowed, we start simultaneously with both legs. It takes 3-4 months to complete the whole process depending upon extent of deformation. 

At POACC the Physical therapy is an important part of our comprehensive treatment and we advocate that patients should continue to see their therapists three times a week after leaving the hospital. Physical therapy helps to ensure that the surrounding soft tissues remain flexible as the bone heals, and that muscle strength is maintained. 

If you would like your symptoms diagnosed or evaluated, or would like to explore our treatment options , contact  our clinical coordinator at POACC.